Our Dogs

2XGMPR Lockdown Labs Pipin Hot Arrowpoint (Piper)

Piper aims to please and is extremely intelligent.

 She passed her Certified Pointing Retriever test with a perfect score at just 8 months old. Her pedigree speaks for itself... WOW!!!!

 Piper's littermates include 4XGMPR HRCH MH Kenai and 2XGMPR Bea. Three Grand Master Pointing Retrievers out of the same litter! 

 Piper has an intense tri-pod point that makes hunting over her very entertaining!   

Piper is EIC clear by parentage, CNM Clear, PRA Clear, OFA Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal, and CERF Normal. Weight: 65 pounds.


GMPR Lockdown Labs Rock a Bye Birdie HR (Birdie)

Birdie is a 70-pound fireball.

 She has a natural point in the upland field and can handle 12-pound geese with ease. No disappointments here - she is every sportsman's dream! She is extremely trainable with a high prey drive, and also makes a great companion in the house.   

Birdie earned her Grand Master Pointing Retriever title 9/23/2012 in Webb, IA.   She also has her HRC Seasoned (HR) title, and AKC Junior Hunter title.

  She is the real deal and gets the job done in every area. In the field or in the blind, it makes no difference to her; she always gives 110%. 

Birdie is EIC Clear, CERF Normal, and OFA Hips Good and Elbows Normal.


APR Lockdown Labs Foxy Moxie (Moxie)

Moxie is one of the most lovable family companions you can find AND she absolutely loves to hunt!

 She runs hard on marks and hunts intelligently in the upland. She is the dog you want if a cripple floats down and buries itself deep in the weeds. She has an exceptional nose which goes well with her methodical personality. She is a smart dog that picks things up very quickly. 

Moxie earned her Advanced Pointing Retriever title in Webb, IA (9/23/2012).    

Moxie is EIC clear by parentage, OFA Hips Good, CERF Normal, CNM clear, and PRA clear. Weight: 70 pounds.


CPR Lockdown Labs Daisy Bird (Daisy)

Daisy is a good looking, high energy dog that really excels in the upland field.

 Daisy is a product of our GMPR HR Birdie x 4XGMPR Ted MH breeding. She earned her CPR title along with several of her littermates. She has shown a strong natural point since she was a puppy. She has great retriever skills and loves the water.  Daisy spends her down time in the house and has no trouble shutting down and lounging on her bed. She has a great attitude and aims to please!  

  Daisy is OFA Good, Elbows normal, CERF clear, and EIC clear by parentage. Weight: 65 pounds.


Lockdown Labs Brute Force (Brutus)

Brutus has shown amazing retriever drive since he was only a few weeks old! No surprise, seeing his sire is 4XGMPR Ted MH  and his dam is our GMPR Birdie! 

I have guided with Brutus on multiple occasions and he will routinely outcompete other dogs in the field for retrieves. He has an awesome prey drive and an excellent nose. If a bird goes down, he WILL find it!!

One of the best charactaristics of Brutus is his temperment! He is the most laid back dog you will find in the house or in the yard. He is great with kids and other dogs.

Brutus is OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal, CERF clear, EIC clear by parentage. Weight: 80 pounds.

Brutus is owned by Larry Heidebrink 


Lockdown Labs Piper's Peek a Boo (Boo)

Boo is a very talented young dog! 

She is a 4XGMPR Grizzly - 2XGMPR Piper puppy.  She has multiple GMPR, APR, and CPR littermates.

She has been used for guiding most of her career and she is pretty much turn-key! I have watched her work countless birds like a seasoned veteran, and hold point for close to a minute waiting for a shooter to get in place.

She has a great personality and a no quit attitude in the field.

Boo is OFA Good, CERF clear, EIC clear by parentage, CNM and PRA clear by parentage. Weight: 55 pounds.